You’ve just sat down for a pint of your perfect craft pour and are feeling pleased as you have consciously decided to support a local business.While you consider yourself lucky to have a great selection of local craft breweries to frequent, understanding that your contribution goes beyond purchasing your favorite brew becomes another gratifying motivator.


You know that your hard-earned dollars benefit the business owner but have yet to truly appreciate that your dollars affect much more. It really is more than just a beer.

You may have seen the sandwich board in the entry noting “Every time you support local, an actual person dances with joy.” Actually, every time you support local, dozens of people dance with joy across industries and neighborhoods in Kamloops.

So, whose pockets are filled by that beer? Let’s have a look at the induced economic, social, and environmental impacts of ordering a pint from a Kamloops brewery – and its trickle effect:


  • Payroll is generated to a front-of-house manager, entry-level servers, the sales manager, and entire brewery team
  • Contractors like plumbers, electricians, and carpenters are hired for their skilled trades to ensure seamless brewery production and operations
  • Water bills and property taxes are paid to the City of Kamloops to maintain community infrastructure like our world-class water treatment facility
  • Graphic designers and marketing specialists build their portfolios when they are hired to design logos, websites, beer labels and execute marketing tactics
  • In-demand industry careers – such as chefs – are retained and trained for their craft
  • Contributions to highway expansion projects, educational institutions, and healthcare are made through income taxes


  • Unique venue spaces evolve – during peak tourism season - for events like the Kamloops Komedy Festival at the Noble Pig Brewhouse
  • Limited edition brews are crafted such as Red Collar Brewing’s “Peggy Sue, the Buddy Brew” India Session Ale for Western Canada Theatre
  • Sales proceeds from events like BrewLoops are reinvested in the community to support organizations like Kamloops West Rotary, Western Canada Theatre, and Kamloops Food Policy Council
  • Up-and-coming musicians select high profile venues to host shows like Sunday Jazz Sessions at Iron Road Brewing
  • Residents enjoy vibrant and prideful spaces for personal entertainment and enjoyment


  • Ingredients like hops, barley, and yeast are ordered across the Pacific Northwest to support the agricultural sector
  • Throughout the brewing process, biproducts are donated to local farmers to feed livestock
  • Chefs select produce grown with care and attention by local farmers ensuring sustainable food sources

Next time you sit down for a pint, envision the impact of the trickle effect in your community and how dozens of Kamloopsians are dancing with joy because of you, a brew enthusiast.

Kamloops breweries have reopened and have adjusted their operations to keep everyone safe. Please visit their websites, social media channels, or contact them directly to learn more about their safety protocols and how you can easily enjoy a pint of your favorite craft brew.