The mobile Bold Street Team is made up of our Visitor Experience Ambassadors, who promote Kamloops attractions and have pop ups at events - and a heck of a lot more. You can find the Bold Street Team all over Kamloops, at places such as BC Wildlife Park, Music in the Park, the Kamloops Farmers Market, NorthPaw Games, and other tournaments and events all summer long.

Whether you are a Kamloops local searching for unique new experiences, a stakeholder looking for resources, or a visitor wishing to experience Kamloops for the first time, our passionate Bold Street Team is happy to answer any questions and provide a helping hand. 

In their first month of work, the Tourism Kamloops mobile BOLD Street Team helped 779 visitors in Kamloops. This is 350% higher than the BC mobile visitor serving average of 173 visitors last month and 1243% higher than the Thompson-Okanagan mobile visitor serving average of 58 visitors. Furthermore, during their 72 hours of community support this month, the Bold Street Team serviced on average 11 visitors per hour at their pop ups, compared to BC’s physical visitor center average of 8 visitors per hour, and Thompson Okanagans’ 7 visitors per hour. Our Visitor Experience Ambassadors are on track to have a very successful summer!

Let us introduce the team below! They are ready to say hello and assist - feel free to reach out to them via email (, phone (778-586-8687), or find out where they will pop up next!

Meet Anam

“Hello, I am Anam and I'm an international student at TRU enrolled in a Post Bacc Diploma in the Tourism & Events program. Moving from a country like India that is always so busy and surrounded with people, the calmness of Kamloops has grown on me significantly. Other than the unique beauty that Kamloops is, the peaceful lifestyle and the sweet,BOLD people in Kamloops is what draws me towards this city the most. From going on my first hike to having poutine for the first time, it has been a pleasure to live in Kamloops for over a year now. I have been very grateful to be working with Tourism Kamloops and I absolutely love working here surrounded with an amazing team of highly motivated and energized people. There is never a boring day here at Tourism Kamloops.”


Meet Jessica

“I am beyond excited to be a part of the Tourism Kamloops BOLD Street Team this summer. I have spent the last few years earning my Bachelor of Arts degree at TRU with a focus on history. Working with Tourism Kamloops gives me the opportunity to share my love of local history with the people of Kamloops and welcome visitors to our unique city. I enjoy spending my days off hiking and exploring our city and surrounding areas with friends. After this summer I will continue my studies in the Bachelor of Education program and focus my time on the youth of Kamloops.”


Meet Amy

“Hi, everyone! My name is Amy and I am thrilled to be part of the BOLD Street Team this summer. I recently graduated from the Bachelor of Tourism Management program at TRU and I am excited for the opportunity to continue working in the tourism industry. Although I was born and raised in Southern Alberta, I have loved living in Kamloops for the last three years and hope to stay in this wonderful city for many years to come. Some of my favourite activities in Kamloops include visiting the local breweries and exploring the many parks within and around the city. I look forward to facilitating positive and authentic experiences for both locals and visitors alike.”


Meet Max

“Hello, my name is Max and I am very excited to be a part of the BOLD Street Team this summer. This coming fall I will be entering my final year at TRU to get my Bachelor of Arts in Economic and Political studies. I was born and raised in Kamloops and in my free time I enjoy golfing and going on hikes around the city. I also enjoy visiting the BC Wildlife Park and seeing all the animals. Overall, I am very excited to be working for Tourism Kamloops this summer and sharing the best of what Kamloops has to offer with all those who are interested.”


Meet Pria

“I am pleased to be overseeing the BOLD Street Team this year since I get to help visitors to our city have a memorable experience. I am drawn to Kamloops not only for its natural beauty but also for its strong sense of community. Through snowboarding in the winter and wake surfing in the summer, Kamloops has taught me to be adventurous in my own backyard. I am thrilled to be working with Tourism Kamloops because it allows me to better share all of the reasons I believe Kamloops is a fantastic place to live, visit, and explore.”

Please email for BOLD Street Team pop-up requests, tear maps and trail guides, and more.