While the last 2 years have been full of immense challenge and frustration for the tourism industry, the provincial and federal governments continue to deliver new and expanded funding options. This support has been fluid to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Here is an updated list of funding opportunities to support your business.

(As shared by Destination British Columbia)

COVID-19 Closure Relief Grant funds doubled for eligible businesses

The Province is extending the COVID-19 Closure Relief Grant and doubling supports for eligible businesses that have been ordered to remain temporarily closed until February 16, 2022. Businesses directed to stay closed through public health orders – including bars, night clubs and lounges, and event venues – are now eligible for up to $20,000 in funding based on staffing levels at the time of closure.

Support for Indigenous Tourism Businesses

A one-time allocation of $3.7 million will support Indigenous Tourism BC in leading the Indigenous tourism industry to its pre-pandemic levels of success by 2024. The funding will enhance Indigenous tourism by making tourism planning, training and mentoring services available to First Nation communities and businesses across the province.

New Grants Offer Additional Supports for BC Tourism Businesses

On Friday, January 14, the Provincial Government announced new funding through the Tourism Accommodation and Commercial Recreation Relief Fund to support accommodation providers and tourism operators holding tenure and BC Parks permits. 

Called for by the Tourism Task Force, the grant provides up to $15 million through three streams: 

  • BC-owned large accommodation providers employing more than 150 people;
  • Indigenous-owned large accommodation properties employing more than 100 people, and located on a reserve; and
  • Tenure and BC Parks permit holders that operate as tourism businesses. 

The application intake is open until February 14, 2022. Eligibility criteria and application information can be found on the Provincial Government’s website.

More Industry Support and Resources

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