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June 19, 2024. Kamloops, B.C.: Tourism Kamloops is excited to announce the launch of its annual public opinion polling initiative, commencing the week of June 17. This comprehensive survey aims to gather valuable insights from Kamloops residents regarding their perceptions and attitudes towards tourism in the community. The data collected will be instrumental in shaping strategic plans and measuring progress compared to previous years.

The public opinion polling project will take place throughout June 2024. While specific participants cannot be targeted, Kamloops residents may receive calls at random to participate in the survey. Later in the month, residents may also have the opportunity to participate in an online poll. 

Tourism Kamloops is committed to understanding the community's views on tourism to ensure that development strategies align with residents' perspectives and aspirations. By conducting this annual poll, our team can track changes over time and make informed decisions that benefit both residents and visitors.

Lisa White, Director of Community Development & Engagement for Tourism Kamloops, emphasized the importance of this research, stating, "This polling effort allows us to gather essential data directly from the community, helping us to understand residents' sentiments towards tourism. The insights gained will guide our strategic planning and ensure that our initiatives are in tune with the community's needs and expectations."

Erik Fisher, CEO of Tourism Kamloops, shared, "Our annual public opinion polling is a crucial part of our strategy to foster a thriving tourism sector that reflects the values and needs of our community. By engaging with residents, we can better support local businesses, enhance visitor experiences, and contribute to the overall development of Kamloops as a top tourism destination."

Tourism Kamloops recognizes the importance of community involvement in developing a successful tourism strategy. This annual polling initiative underscores our commitment to transparency and collaboration with residents.

Tourism Kamloops is funding and overseeing this public opinion poll. The information collected from this polling effort will be used by Tourism Kamloops for strategic planning purposes.


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