Spring into Action: Discover What's New and Exciting in Kamloops!

As we shake off the chill of winter and leap into the vibrant colors of spring, there’s an electrifying buzz around town. During National Tourism Week, our Director team shared some exciting updates at our Industry Partner Luncheon. We’re here to catch you up on all the latest developments and upcoming events that highlight Kamloops as a hub of adventure and community.

2024 Industry Luncheon

Illuminate Kamloops: Lighting Up Our City

We’re thrilled to see the completion of the Illuminate Kamloops projects. Our Destination Development team has been hard at work establishing seven captivating light installations that have transformed our city nights. Highlights include the Electric Alley behind the Delta, the playful ‘Keep it Loopy’ sign at Red Beard, and the impressive Helix light structure at the BC Wildlife Park. These installations not only enhance our city’s beauty but also enrich our night-time atmosphere, giving visitors one more reason to stay a little longer in Kamloops.


Sharing Our Story: Funding for Industry Partners

We’re excited to offer some exciting funding opportunities industry partners can tap into to build awareness for Kamloops, and your business sharing our destination experiences and stories far and wide. The Tourism Kamloops Marketing Co-Op Fund supports industry partners with funds to kickstart new marketing initiatives. Through matching opportunities, you can receive up to $5,000 - don’t miss out!

With the arrival of spring, we’re also excited to open applications for our Destination Event Support Fund. Available for events in the shoulder seasons from October to April, we are offering support up to $25,000 to help bring your innovative event ideas to Kamloops. Head to our Industry page to learn more and start your application.


Upcoming Events: A Season of Diversity

This season, Kamloops will host a variety of events that cater to all interests. There’s something for everyone, and we’re so proud to support these events comprehensively, from logistics to marketing. Of course, we’ll have annual classics like:

In addition to these, we’ve got some really unique events coming up that will drive visitation and excitement in the community:

Check out our full events calendar to see what’s coming up.

  • BC School Sports Ultimate Frisbee Championships
  • 40th Annual Indigenous Firefighter Competition and Conference
  • Kamloops BMX Nationals
  • ScotDance Canada Championships 
  • An Evening of Improv with Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath 
  • BC Rugby 7’s 
  • FireFit Worlds and Canadian National Championships


Engagement and Exploration: Loops Explorer Station and Pass

The Loops Explorer Station is gearing up for another season of enhancing visitor experiences in partnership with the City of Kamloops. Located in our unique shipping container, this station now doubles as the base for the city’s new bike valet program, promoting easy exploration of downtown. Our dynamic BOLD Street team is also ready to engage with visitors through roaming and pop-up strategies.

Visitors can enhance their Kamloops visit with the Loops Explorer Pass, available for download on our website. This free pass offers a ton of discounts across an exciting range of local activities and businesses.


Spring Campaigns: Celebrating the Great Outdoors and Local Cuisine

Our spring campaigns are in full swing, focusing on outdoor activities and our culinary scene. Kamloops is the perfect playground for both adventure seekers and food lovers. Highlights include the Dine Around Patio Season, which starts on May 26th and offers the best of our local food and drink in delightful outdoor settings.


Upcoming Developments: Brand Refresh and New Website

We are also preparing for a significant brand refresh and a new website launch, aiming to better reflect the natural beauty and vibrant life in Kamloops. These updates will improve our engagement with both locals and visitors, ensuring that everyone can experience the best of what Kamloops has to offer.

Kamloops is a city of warm welcomes and exciting adventures. Whether you’re a resident, a partner, or a visitor, there are endless opportunities to create memorable experiences. We’re looking forward to a remarkable summer, and hope you’ll join us in celebrating the spirit of Kamloops. Let’s make this season truly exceptional!