The Latest Information, Key Messaging, Links and More

As the COVID-19 situation escalates, it is important that our local tourism businesses are providing official information to guests and inquiries. This information is changing quickly and Destination BC has created a 'one-stop-shop' containing links to all Canadian and BC health authorities, government agencies and more.
Included on this site is:
  • relevant travel information
  • travel advisories
  • protective measures and containment
  • airports and borders
  • what to do if your staff or visitors get sick
  • how to prepare your business
  • and much more

We encourage all of our partners and stakeholders to represent Kamloops well and present ourselves as understanding and accommodating to guests needs. Whether they cancel or not, let's bet great advocates of Kamloops. 

A few tips:
  • offer people requesting cancellations with the opportunity to reschedule without financial penalty
  • if rescheduling is not possible then be flexible with cancellation and refund policies to reduce or eliminate financial penalty
  • work with your supply chain to only charge clients for hard costs that have already been incurred and cannot be re-couped through return
Key Messaging: 
  • British Columbia continues to be a safe travel destination
  • We encourage you to continue to consider Kamloops for your vacation and recommend that you speak to your accommodation and experience providers about their cancellation policies during this time of uncertainty
  • We are committed to guest safety and will provide travellers with the most current information available
  • For complete and official information on travel to BC we encourage you to go to