Tell us who you are and where you work:

I am Danett Fisher,  the Tasting room Manager at Monte Creek Ranch Winery.


Why do you enjoy working at Monte Creek Ranch Winery?

I love my Job!  I get to work in such a beautiful region, and the way vines have added to  the landscape in Monte Creek is so stunning. I also get to be part of breaking the boarders when it comes to wine making and wine experiences.  Until recently, not many people thought of “wine” when they thought of Kamloops, so it has been an exciting and challenging journey to prove not only can it be done, but we can produce amazing wines.  One of the biggest reasons I love my job is that I get be part of creating an experience for people.  I have really enjoyed adding to the list of must do’s in Kamloops, and feel very satisfied when we get amazing ratings on Trip Advisor and other feedback.


What is the most unique feature of Monte Creek Ranch Winery?

I think the fact that we are full working ranch, as well as a winery, is very unique.  We have an amazing program that we have worked hard to develop that includes our commitment to sustainability and it gives the guest a unique experience.  You’ll have to come by for a tasting or a tour to find out all the great things we are up to out here.


Is Monte Creek Ranch  FIT and Group Friendly?

Yes, we work with Tour companies to ensure that large and small groups get the attention they need to make this stop successful.  We have many options available for Tour Directors to look through and decide what works best for their timing and their budget.


What Are New Products you have to offer to Travel Trade Offerings?

Winery and Vineyard Tours, tastings, lunch and dinner options available for large or small groups.

How Can Tour Operators Connect with you?