Tell us who you are and where you work. 

I’m Julie Ratcliffe, Marketing & Events Manager at the B.C. Wildlife Park. I’ve been a resident of Kamloops for 25 years, I love Kamloops and the abundance of outdoor activities we have to offer.   

The BC Wildlife Park is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of British Columbia’s wildlife. Over 60% of the animals at the Park have been rescued, enabling visitors an opportunity to view animals rarely seen in the wild, such as Clover, the Kermode ‘Spirit Bear’.

Clover - the resident Kermode Spirit Bear checks out his surroundings on a nice summer day.


Why do you enjoy working at the BC Wildlife Park?

I love that we educate people on B.C.’s wildlife and that the Park animals are truly ambassadors for their species. Many of the animals at the Park were orphaned or rescued, because of the Park, they now have the chance to continue to live a long, healthy life. It’s great to be a part of a team that is so invested in the welfare of animals and educating people on how to share space with wildlife. It’s also fun to walk around the Park and see what the animals are up to, and how they react to new enrichment items.

Zoe the cougar searches for food and enrichment items in his habitat. 


What is the most unique feature of the BC Wildlife Park?

We have so many incredible animals and the uniqueness of each animal’s story on how the BC Wildlife Park became their home is always fascinating. However, the Park is home to Clover, the only Kermode Bear in human care in the world, and he is certainly a unique animal that many people would not normally have the chance to see.

Clover cools off during the hot summer months in his pond. 


Is the BC Wildlife Park FIT and Group Friendly?    

We absolutely are! We offer complimentary parking and wi-fi in the Discovery Centre, guided or self-guided tours, and we can customize your tour experience with animal encounters, or a ride on our miniature-train.

The BC Wildlife Park Miniature Train decorated for Christmas in Kamloops. 


New Travel Trade Offerings

We’ve created an amazing experience that allows an intimate number of guests to experience some of British Columbia’s wildlife up close in a safe environment. Each experience is between 30-45 minutes and you can choose between the Grizzly bears, Arctic wolves, bobcat, or porcupine. Each experience varies slightly; however, you will have the opportunity to meet a Zookeeper and ask questions then either hand feed an animal, or go into their habitat to place food and enrichment items, then watch the animals search out the hidden items.

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Dawson the Grizzly loves to stretch out inside his habitat. 


How can Tour Operators connect with you?

You can reach me directly at, or 250-573-3242 ext 225, or on my cell phone at 778-694-5000. You can typically expect a reply within 24 business hours.

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