We get it, there is a lot of noise out there! We've cut through the debris to provide you a summary of important financial resources available to small businesses throughout BC, as well as noting key changes to existing programs so you don't have to search!


Federal Government Resources

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

As a Canadian employer who has seen a drop in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be eligible for a subsidy to cover part of your employee wages, retroactive to March 15. This subsidy will enable you to re-hire workers, help prevent further job losses, and ease you back to normal operations.

Highlighted changes to the program effective November 19, 2020

  • Subsidy is extended to June 2021
  • The maximum subsidy rate for periods 8 to 10 will remain at 65% (40% base rate + 25% top-up)
  • The deadline to apply is January 31, 2021, or 180 days after the end of the claim period, whichever comes late

For full details on all program changes, who can apply, periods you can apply for, which of your employees qualify, calculating your subsidy amount, how to apply, and after you apply CLICK HERE.


Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS)

Canadian Businesses, non-Canadian Businesses, non-profit organizations, or charities who have seen a drop in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic may be eligible for a subsidy to cover part of their commercial rent or property expenses, starting September 27, 2020 until June 2021.

  • This subsidy will provide payments directly to qualifying renters and property owners, without requiring the participation of landlords
  • If you are eligible for the base subsidy, you may also be eligible for lockdown support if your business is significantly affected by a public health order for a week or more

For more information on who can apply, periods you can apply for, expenses you can claim, calculating your subsidy amount, how to apply, and after you apply CLICK HERE.


Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)

Highlighted changes to the program effective December 4, 2020

  • As of December 4, 2020, CEBA loans for eligible businesses will increase from $40,000 to $60,0000
  • Applicants who have received the $40,000 CEBA loan may apply for the $20,000 expansion, which provides eligible businesses with an additional $20,000 in financing 
  • All applicants have until March 31, 2021, to apply for the $60,000 CEBA loan or the $20,000 expansion

For more details, or to apply to the program CLICK HERE.


Regional Relief and Recover Fund

This fund was created to mitigate the financial pressure experienced by businesses and organizations for allow them to continue their operations, including paying their employees; and support projects by businesses, organizations, and communities to prepare now for a successful recover.

  • The RRRF is a $1.5 billion lifeline for businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that are unable to access other federal pandemic support programs
  • The government is proposing to top-up the RRRF with an additional $500 million to ensure the program continues to preserve jobs and businesses across the country, and to replicate newly announced loan limit increases in the Canada Emergency Business Account Program.

For more details, or to apply for the program CLICK HERE.


Financing Options for Entrepreneurs Through BDC

The BDC is the Business Development Bank of Canada, a financial institution devoted to helping Canadian entrepreneurs. They offer a variety of financing, advisory services, and capital with a focus on small and medium sized enterprises. Learn more about the options for accessing credit to support you through to a more stable time HERE.


Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB)

The Canada Recovery Benefit gives income support to employed and self employed individuals who are directly affected by COVID-19 and are not entitled to receive Employment Insurance Benefits. The CRB is administered through Canada Revenue Agency.

  • CRB is a benefit of $1,000 per two weeks ($900 after taxes withheld) for up to 26 weeks. 
  • You can apply for CRP through Canada Revenue Agency from October 12, 2020 for one year for up to 13 two-week periods between September 27, 2020 and September 25, 2021.

For more details, or to apply to the program CLICK HERE.

For a full list of resources provided by the Canadian Government, please CLICK HERE.


Provincial Government Resources

Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grant

The $300 million Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grand program will provide grants to BC businesses that employ between 2 and 149 BC residents and have experienced declines in revenue since March 10, 2020. The program will run until March 31, 2021 or until funds are fully deployed.

CLICK HERE for more details or to register and apply.


BC Increased Employment Incentive

As part of BC's Economic Recovery Plan, the BC Increased Employment Incentive is a refundable tax credit for employers which encourages the creation of new jobs for BC workers or increases payroll in existing low or medium-income employees.

For more information, or to apply CLICK HERE.



Facebook Small Business Grant

Facebook is offering $3,200 in cash and $2,000CAD in optional ad credits to eligible small businesses in Canada experiencing challenges due to COVID-19.

For more information, CLICK HERE.


Innovator Skills Initiative

All companies in BC can apply for up to $10,000 to hire a post-secondary student to help with post-COVID-19 business planning and operations. Technology businesses hiring for a business or tech role are eligible, along with any business hiring for a tech role.

For more information, CLICK HERE



Community Futures

Community Futures offers entrepreneurs loans up to $150,000 that are designed to help businesses grow. Their processes are streamlined so that they can move at the speed of small business.

For more information, CLICK HERE.


Shopify Capital

Ecommerce platform is offering financial support in the forms of fixed-free loans from under $2,000 to over $100,000. The service is open to Shopify users and eligibility is based on your history with the platform. Repayment is there a percentage of your future sales through Shopify. 

For more information, CLICK HERE.


Credits and Freebies


Email marketing platform MailChimp committed $10 million in price relief support to its small business customers. The company is also giving away free custom .com domains for five years to customers.

For more information, CLICK HERE.


Google Ad Credits

Google is offering $340 million in ad credits to small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

For more information, CLICK HERE.


Free Facebook or Instagram Marketing Plan

If you have an Instagram account and/or a Facebook page for your business, you can get a free personalized social media marketing plan through Facebook for Business.

For more information, CLICK HERE.


Additional Resources


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