Tourism Kamloops recently revealed the completion of a captivating project that adds a dash of color and creativity to the streets of Kamloops. In a collaborative effort with local residents and partners, they unleashed an asphalt mural on the intersection of Yew St., transforming it into a vibrant space that captures the heart and soul of the community. This is just the beginning of a series of projects aimed at creating mind-blowing experiences for both locals and tourists.

Yew Street Paint


To ensure the project truly resonated with the local community, we embarked on a journey to gather input from over 100 Kamloopsians. Through a comprehensive survey, residents shared their perspectives on what Yew St. and the North Shore neighborhood meant to them. The keywords that emerged from the survey—diverse, eclectic, vibrant, and cool—became the fuel for the artwork that now adorns the crosswalks.

Tourism Kamloops collaborated with Rachel Lewis, an in-house graphic artist, who brought the community's feedback to life through an eclectic piece of street art. The resulting crosswalks serve as a visual representation of the spirit and energy of the North Shore neighborhood. By infusing the area with vibrant colors and captivating designs, the crosswalks add a touch of vibrancy and artistic expression that bring the streetscape to life.

The primary objective of the crosswalk initiative is to create inviting spaces that encourage residents and visitors alike to explore and connect within the community. Tourism Kamloops firmly believes that by establishing a strong sense of place, these temporary crosswalks will enhance the overall streetscape and inspire people to discover the vast array of attractions our city has to offer. The project exemplifies Tourism Kamloops' commitment to collaboration and inclusivity, setting the stage for future initiatives aimed at creating unforgettable experiences.

The realization of the Yew St. crosswalk project is the result of a joint effort by Tourism Kamloops and its partners. The collaboration involved the City of Kamloops, the North Shore Business Improvement Association, sponsor ARPA Investments, and dedicated community leaders. This united front demonstrates a shared vision of transforming pockets of the city into dynamic and engaging communities, aligning Kamloops with other North American cities that have embraced similar concepts.

Yew Street Paint  Yew Street Paint


Yew St., already a bustling area known for its culinary and artistic offerings, now boasts a unique landmark that celebrates the energy of the North Shore community that we hope will be made into a permanent installation in the near future. By bringing the crosswalks to life with captivating artwork, Tourism Kamloops aims to animate the area and attract residents and visitors alike. The project invites individuals to explore new neighborhoods, support local businesses, and experience the vibrant pulse of Kamloops from a fresh perspective.

The unveiling of the project showcases Tourism Kamloops' dedication to fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and community engagement. By harnessing the artistic talents of a local graphic artist and incorporating the input of residents, the crosswalks have become a reflection of the neighborhood's spirit. As this project sets the stage for future initiatives, Kamloops is poised to continue creating memorable experiences for both locals and visitors, solidifying its reputation as a vibrant and welcoming destination.