We just wrapped up our annual Winter Industry Familiarization (FAM) Tour, and it was a blast! 🌟 We're thrilled to share the highlights of this unforgettable day where we immersed ourselves in the heart of Kamloops, exploring its winter wonders.

Winter FAM


Why a FAM Tour?

Familiarization tours are our tickets to stepping into the shoes of a tourist. It is our way of giving media, tour operators, and our incredible frontline staff, hands-on experiences to become true Kamloops ambassadors. The Winter Industry FAM Tours have a specific goal – to equip our front-line stars with the answers to the golden question: "What is there to do in Kamloops this week?" It was our way of ensuring every guest left with a personalized adventure guide.


The Adventure Unfolded:

Our group was filled with enthusiasm, turning the Winter FAM Tour into an interactive and laughter-filled adventure. A day-long itinerary in our winter wonderland led us to explore many of Kamloops’ hotspots, including -  

  • Harper Mountain Tubing: Our group met with Lisa DaBurger, who shared insights on the story of Harper all while enjoying warm hot chocolate and a sweet treat. The group then suited up in their snow gear for a thrilling adventure down the Iconic Harper Mountain Tube Park. 

  • Kamloops Museum Time Travel: At the next stop, we walked through Kamloops' history with Meghan and took a stroll through time, at the Kamloops Museum. 

  • Big Little Science Centre Magic: Our group enjoyed meeting Gord Stewart and his team at the Big Little Science Centre where we indulged in some mind-boggling science experiments and hands-on activities, embracing our inner scientists. 

  • Yew Street Food Hall Feast: Lunch at Yew Street Food Hall was a delight, fueling us for the afternoon ahead. Our group met with Manager, Kate who shared the story of the Yew Street Food Hall and also tee’d up the experience to taste a bite from each restaurant, including - Duck Duck Pork, Lemongrass, Mittz and Co and Harvest Moon Bakery.

  • Fun Factor Laughter: We wrapped up our day at the Fun Factor, and met with Miguel who gave us a tour of the area. Post the tour, we channeled our inner child and enjoyed an experience of playing fun arcade games, laser tag challenges, and bumper cars. 


Winter Industry FAM            Winter Industry FAM


Why It Mattered:

This wasn't just about a day out; it was about shaping the Kamloops experience for every visitor. Our front-line stars are now armed with the knowledge and passion to share many of Kamloops’ incredible experiences from first-hand visits. 

Stay tuned for more events like these, as we continue to enhance our visitor experience by making Local Ambassadors!