Tourism Kamloops x Katie Burrell

In our new webseries, Kamloops, who knew?! Katie Burrell as Vanessa learns that if you stop somewhere and dig a littler deeper, a mid-sized city in the interior of British Columbia, that is otherwise known as a truck stop, might actually have more to offer than you think.

Follow along on their chaos.

Episode 4 - Winter

Michael and Vanessa are now deep into their relationship and return to Kamloops for another adventurous holiday: skiing at Harper Mountain. But Michael’s love of teaching and overcautious nature sends Vanessa into a tailspin. Will they recover from this? Likely, as the two are now maybe a bit too close (co-dependent).

Explore Kamloops like Michael and Vanessa





Episode 3 - Fall

This fall, Michael and Vanessa return to Kamloops for another getaway, alone this time. The couple's plans for a romantic weekend are once again interrupted when they run into Michael’s ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be named Vanessa. Will Vanessa keep her cool? Or, like the changing leaves will her true colours show?

Episode 2 - Summer

Michael and Vanessa are back and things are heating up. Why? Because it’s summer in Kamloops and there’s a third wheel. When Vanessa insists that her heartbroken best friend, Kelly, join them on their romantic getaway for two, Michael’s patience is put to the test.

Explore Kamloops like Michael and Vanessa




Episode 1 - Spring

Micheal and Vanessa have only been dating for a couple months. They decide to head to Kamloops in Spring for their first romantic getaway together.  It's early days and there's a few red flags but overall a bond is beginning to form between them.  It's true what they say, traveling brings you closer... sometimes too close.

Explore Kamloops like Michael and Vanessa