The Facts

Don’t know much about our weird and wonderful city? There are so many things about Kamloops people don't know, like great attractions, interesting and unique venues and the rugged desert landscape that surrounds us. We have put together some facts that prove we’re a great location for your next meeting.  

Ideal Size

At just under 100,000 people, some say Kamloops is the perfect sized city.  We’re small enough to allow attendees to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and focus on the task at hand, but still large enough to have all the big city amenities meeting planners are looking for. Meeting venuesmarketing assistance, and an extensive list of service providers are ready and waiting for you.

Our close-knit community is so proud of the Arts and Culture scene that has transpired in the last 20 years, and the fantastic outdoor adventure we have right in town. These activities will provide your attendees with fun, quirky, outdoorsy team building and social activities. 

In most cases, you can get anywhere in the city in under 15 minutes. 




EDMONTON  |  8.5 Hours
805km (500miles)

JASPER  |  5 Hours
441km (274miles)

CALGARY  |  7 Hours
619km (385miles)

BANFF  |  5.5 Hours
495km (495miles)

WHISTLER VIA HWY 1  |  4 Hours 
377km (377miles)

428km (428miles)​

VANCOUVER VIA HWY 5  |  3.5 Hours
354km (220miles)​

465km (289miles)


The hub of bc’s interior

As the regional centre for shopping, the arts, sports, and meetings, Kamloops is central and accessible by plane, train, and automobile! Direct flights from International Airports Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto (seasonal), this makes Kamloops accessible to the world.



Kamloops is home to unique, and wonderful attractions. With endless hiking trails and 100 lakes within an hour of City Centre, we have endless hours of adventure for your group. Connect with our partners! They are happy to assist with the planning of your group activities!

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Our backyard is a mix of rolling grasslands, sandstone slot canyons, hoodoos, and a whole lot of sagebrush. It’s weird, awesome and unique. Our big city amenities, and outdoor adventure live side by side.

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Excellent accommodations + suppliers

With over 2,000 rooms, Kamloops has accommodations to meet everyone’s personal style and budget.  Let our wide-range of experienced service providers show you how easy it is to get the one-of-a-kind meeting experience you want.

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We Know How to Host

The City of Kamloops Brand Statement is ‘Canada’s Tournament Capital.’ That is not a meeting, but that is a lot of hosting a lot of hotel rooms, and a lot of organization that we are good at as a community.

Just check out the provincial, national and international events we have hosted, and continue to host with a welcoming pride that has been noticed time and time again. 

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Professional +
Versatile Meeting facilities

Kamloops has 50+ meeting venues that range from unique facilities such as train cars to excellent and versatile meeting space in hotels, at the university, attractions, restaurants, and community halls.

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Roxanne Kennedy

Business Development Strategist

Roxanne spearheads business development, meetings/conventions, sports, and events.

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