At the junction of the north and south Thompson rivers, Kamloops is the second largest city in the BC interior. The desert-like valley setting is surrounded by wide-open grasslands, fragrant sagebrush, ponderosa pine forests, deep gorges, sandstone canyons, and chiseled hoodoos. 

Relatively undiscovered, Kamloops is never crowded and you never have to wait in line. With abundant sunshine, long, hot summers and short, mild winters Kamloops is the go to place for the outdoor adventure. Known as the birthplace of freeride mountain biking, Kamloops attracts mountain bikers from around the world looking to ride the rugged landscapes and the desert like climate.

Kamloops has large areas of unique parkland and a few sandy beaches great for boating, swimming, water-sports, and fishing.  Golf one of many diverse golf courses during our nine month season. Kamloops is a hiking gem with varied terrain and unique landscapes with panoramic views of Kamloops Lake or the Thompson Valley. 

In the winter months, Kamloops is blanketed in snow and trails turn into a winter sport mecca. Snowshoers, cross-country skiers, snowmobilers and outdoor adventurers of all types and levels discover winter fun. Kamloops is just a 45 minute drive from Canada’s second largest ski resort, Sun Peaks Resort and also home to family-owned Harper Mountain.

Travel through BC’s newest emerging wine region, and discover a bevy of bright, balanced and award-winning wines at your choice of four wineries. Drink your way through local craft brew options, or visit a tap house and experience craft beer creations from places near and far.

Downtown Kamloops features charming heritage buildings and murals with several independent retail shops and restaurants. With a growing arts and culture scene you can experience the Kamloops Art Gallery, museums, live theatre, and a symphony orchestra.Sandman Centre is home to the Kamloops Blazers and attracts major entertainers, andevents throughout the year. The annual Kamloopa Powwow, one of the largest gatherings ofIndigenous culture in Western Canada celebrating the heritage of the province’s Secwepemc people.


Did you Know...

  • There are 82 parks in Kamloops, covering a total of 1,350 hectares.
  • Kamloops is Canada's Tournament Capital, and hosts over 100 tournaments each year consisting of 27, 878 participants.
  • The name Kamloops comes from the Secwepemc word T'kemlups meaning "the meeting of the rivers." Kamloops is on the meeting point of the South Thompson and the North Thompson which, together, create the Thompson River.
  • Kamloops was incorporated as a city in 1893 and growing fast.
  • Kamloops is unique in that its adjacent hillsides are grass-covered with considerable sagebrush but little tree growth to the 900m level, creating what is known as an inverted tree line. In most places the trees won't grow above a certain level due to the lack of precipitation, but in Kamloops, they won't grow below a certain level due to the lack of precipitation.
  • In the young years of Kamloops, the river was used as a trade route for transporting goods. There were many boats, including paddle boats, which went up and down the river carrying food, supplies and fur.
  • Kamloops has 13 remarkable golf courses
  • Kamloops is home to the first Longboard park in Canada with 350m of track
  • Kamloops has the largest municipal Bike Park (Kamloops Bike Ranch)
  • We also have the largest largest municipal park in the province