Accessible Kamloops

Visitors with physical challenges can access and enjoy many attractions, activities and accommodations in Kamloops. Get outside and get active with Kamloops' accessible hot spots.

Tournament Capital Centre

The Tournament Capital Centre is fully wheelchair accessible. Lifts are available to access the pool and there are elevators to all floors.



Riverside Park

Located near Downtown Kamloops, Riverside Park features a well-paved path that starts at the Japanese gardens and follows the River’s Trail towards Pioneer Park ending at the Red Bridge. 



The Rivers Trail

The Rivers Trail is a flat and scenic 40 km paved pathway that follows the Thompson River in Kamloops. Start the trail where the paved path meets Royal Avenue and there is ample parking. This is close to McArthur Island Park, a nice walking/ wheeling loop.



Wildlife Park

Widely accessible providing flat wide trails and ramps leading to every exhibit and you can even get on the train.



Kamloops Adapted Sports 

An active, safe and fun environment for new participants and athletes seeking a more competitive experience in the Kamloops area.  Their mission is to eliminate barriers and to improve overall fitness and performance by providing equipment and trained volunteers.



Sun Peaks Adaptive Sports (Two Chapters)

Provides opportunities for people with a wide range of disabilities to participate in adaptive snow sports and recreation programs at Sun Peaks Resort.



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