Visitor Servicing in Kamloops

Need help? Connect with the BOLD Street Team mobile visitor services team at locations around Kamloops.

Or connect with our team via text or call 778-586-8687 or via email at 


Mobile Visitor Services

Who We Are

The BOLD Street Team and Volunteer Visitor Ambassadors work remotely at popular locations across Kamloops to assist with information and provide resources for your time in the city. Our team is made up of tourism ambassadors with a passion for local attractions, outdoor adventures, and more.

Keep an eye out for the Tourism Kamloops vehicle and pop-up tourism tent at local hotspots all year around.

How We Support Visitors

Whether you are planning a trip or are already in Kamloops, the BOLD Street Team and Volunteer Visitor Ambassadors can answer your questions about highway conditions, weekend events, must-see attractions, and more.


Community Calendar

The BOLD Street Team will be available in-person at sports, cultural, and community events this summer in Kamloops. 

Want to learn more about how Tourism Kamloops is engaging with visitors? Click here.
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Lisa White

Director, Community
Development + Engagement

Lisa is your go-to for stakeholder relations, Golf Kamloops, corporate communications, tourism industry research/data, and how to get more involved with Tourism Kamloops.