Sports in Kamloops

Known internationally as Canada’s Tournament Capital,  Kamloops has been synonymous with a multitude of world-class sporting events. Kamloops is home to a variety of outstanding venues, strong athletic culture, and an enthusiastic volunteer base.


Canada's Tournament Capital

Kamloops is a city of sports and tournaments. The City has long recognized Sports Tourism as an economic generator for the City and to that end has invested close to $50 million in new and renovated facilities, making Kamloops' Canada's Tournament Capital brand as one of its top goals in City Council’s Strategic Plan. By embracing these goals, Kamloops has realized the results of increased participation, economic generation, first-class facilities, and a more active, healthier community.

When you host an event in Kamloops, not only do you gain access to our state-of-the-art facilities, but you also gain a solid support team that is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer, spirited ambassadors and of course incredible support from local businesses and spectators.

Tournament Capital Program

Since 2001, Kamloops has been synonymous with first-class events, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteer base, strong athletic showings, and a wide variety of outstanding venues. The City of Kamloops has recognized sports tourism as an economic generator for the City and has made the Tournament Capital Program one of the top priorities in City Council's Strategic Plan.

The City of Kamloops has built its vision and dream around the Canadian Sports Policy and by embracing the goals of this policy, Kamloops is realizing the results of increased participation, economic generation of sports tourism, and first-class facilities.

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Kamloops is a very well organized city, both in terms of layout and planning and tournament organizers can receive help for tournament bid proposals for amateur sports. Hosting a tournament in Kamloops might make groups eligible for a grant - the bigger the tournament, the bigger the grant.

Please visit the City of Kamloops website for more information and printable forms. Other information provided includes field use fees, event kit rentals, booking a field, and special event requirement forms.

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