Relax. Recharge.

And Replay.

Spring is all about words that start with R and E. Restore. Refresh. Rejuvenate. And for many people, replay.

Just as flowers and grasses rise again, so do our visitors, returning to peaks, trailheads, lakes and rivers to play and replay again. We invite you to pedal laps of your favourite trail. Double dip your paddle. Or continue to cast your line until the fish get wise.

And when you need to refuel, simply start a new loop in The ‘Loops. Eateries, cafes, breweries and bars will proudly offer you incredible (and affordable) food and drinks before you find the night’s entertainment. 

But do yourself a favour. Before denting your pillow, set an alarm. Because the next day will provide plenty of new events that you’ll want to try again and again too. Welcome to The ‘Loops.

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Playing in The ‘Loops feels like an open-ended game. Once you’ve mastered your preferred pastime we encourage everyone to try something completely new. Then give it a twist.

A spring sojourn should be colourful. Prepare yourself for a little bit of everything: bluewater experiences, brunette bike trails, golden sunsets, emerald fairways and burgundy wine will paint your trip in full colour.



A trip to The ‘Loops never costs and arm and a leg. (Those parts are way too important.) That’s why we’ve unlocked the best travel deals and discounts in Kamloops so that you can paddle, bike, fish and hike longer while your wallet takes a rest. 

These budget-friendly options can extend your stay and your fun!



Keep the Good Times Rolling