Vacation Rentals

Explore some of Kamloops’ best neighbourhoods by renting a shared space or vacation home. Find a place to stay with short-term rental websites such as airbnb, VRBO, or find a bed and breakfast that offers a chance to experience Kamloops like a local.


Other B&B's

Joyce's B&B

Quiet and Restful heritage home; 1911 Banker's House is walking distance to downtown shops and eateries as well as Peterson Creek Nature Park. Take a stroll through the downtown core to see all the back alley mural art. Visit the Art Gallery or Museum while stopping to see all the public art on display downtown. Walk or ride your bike along the Rivers Trail between Riverside Park and Pioneer Park for a great view.

Worry-Free Time Out


Jetsitters provides childcare, petcare, and equipment rentals in popular vacation destinations including Sun Peaks Resort. Professional sitters are deployed through an online booking service that provides families some worry-free time out from your kids and pets during your holiday.