Spontaneous Summer Shenanigans

Welcome to a summer of unparalleled experiences in Kamloops, where the sun-drenched days invite endless opportunities for play. Summer sunshine shenanigans take center stage as you fill your days with revitalization and endless enjoyment.

Indulge in outdoor adventures like pedalling along rugged trails, gliding through tranquil waters with rhythmic paddles strokes, or casting your fishing line on trophy stillwater. Experience the thrill of lively festivals, captivating events, and exciting shows that will leave you yearning for more.

And when it’s time to satisfy your appetite, the 'Loops awaits with its charming array of eateries, cafes, breweries, and bars, all eager to serve up delectable fare and refreshing beverages that are both exquisite and affordable. 

Before surrendering to the embrace of your pillow, set the alarm, for tomorrow promises an abundance of new adventures. Welcome to The 'Loops, where summer offers unexpected delights around every corner.

Reconnect with No Connections

Did you hear Flair airlines is now offering direct ultra low cost flights between Kamloops and Edmonton? With fares starting as low as $49 one-way, reconnect with family and friends in Kamloops this season.




Explore like a local

Explore like a local, discover hidden gems, and embrace the spontaneous adventures that await around every corner.


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Keep the Good Times Rolling