Trails. And more outdoor adventure than you can imagine.

Kamloops is a city for every season. It’s place for families, urban and rural adventurers. Don’t just escape, explore. Go off the grid, get lost and discover the unexpected along the way.


Land Activities

When you ask locals about their favorite hike or biking spot in Kamloops, the enthusiastic responses start pouring in. The variety and diversity of those responses are so vast, the same area is rarely mentioned twice.   For more information on mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding and more, click here


Water Activities

Did you know over 100 lakes and rivers surround Kamloops? This is the best place to take a dip, grab a paddle or hit the wake. Trust us, you'll want to be in close proximity on a hot summer day. For more information on boating, paddling, swimming and more, click here.


Air Activities

There is nothing like soaring over the vast rugged landscape of the area. Take in the views of the shimmering Thompson Rivers... because you've just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane you daredevil you. For more information on ziplining, skiydiving, flying and more, click here.


Outdoor Adventure Tours

Day hikes, sightseeing and wildlife viewing. For more information on Adventure Tours, click here.


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