Land Activities


Mountain Biking

The rugged Kamloops landscape, formed from ancient lava flows and volcanic debris is a mountain biker’s paradise. The semi-arid climate creates the perfect landscape for three season riding. Visitors are spoiled for choices with the vast, open sage scented hills, lush, green forests, or windy hills and dusty trails. Be sure to hit the jumps at Canada’s largest Municipal Bike Park. For more detailed information, click here.

Must Ride:

  1. Pineview Valley
  2. Lac du Bois Grasslands
  3. Kamloops Bike Ranch
  4. Harper Mountain
  5. Kenna Cartwright Park

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Experience the ranges on foot. There is a hiking trail suited for every level of agility, athleticism and adventurousness. For more detailed information, click here.

Must Hike:

  1. Dew Drop Trail
  2. Mara Canyon
  3. Kenna Cartwright Park
  4. Grasslands Community Trail
  5. Battle Bluff

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Horseback Riding

The  rustic  region  is  the  perfect  backdrop  for  horseback  riding.    Most ranches  and  riding  stables offer  guided  tours  with  varied  time  frames inclusive  of  all  skill  levels. Delight  in  the  tranquil yet thrilling  journey  on  a most magnanimous steed. 

Must Ride:

  1. Campbell Hills Guest Ranch
  2. Erin Valley Riding Stables
  3. Jandana Ranch


Race  through hoodoos,  sagebrush  and  silt  bluffs  along  the  Rivers Trail,  a  40km  long  urban  pathway  weaving  through  the  city. Plenty  of running groups that offer active, social outings. 

Must Run:

  1. Rivers Trail
  2. Dirty Feet Trail Running Series
  3. Run Club

Disc Golf

Do you love golf but you also love frisbee, and feel impossibly torn between the two? Do  we  have  a  sport  for  you!  Disc  golf  is a variation  of  traditional  ball  golf, and is a sport many age groups can play. 

The   Kamloops   Disc  Golf  Club,  a  loyal  group  of  volunteers  and  enthusiasts organize tournaments and maintain the courses throughout Kamloops.

Must Play:

  1. Rose Hill West
  2. The Black Rose
  3. Heffley Creek – Dick Hart Memorial ParkHarper Mountain

Rock Climbing

Take things to the next level and view  Kamloops from an entirely different elevation.  The  region  is  home  to  many  great  climbs  that offer  varying degrees of difficulty 

Must Climb:

  1. The Beach
  2. Roche Lake
  3. Marble Canyon
  4. Oregon Jack
  5. Cliffside Indoor Climbing Gym

ATV/Dirt Biking

Back country exploration is at its best with an ATV or dirt bike. Whip down old logging roads or zip across multiple trails. Be sure to check in with the Kamloops Visitor Centre on appropriate riding areas for specific skill levels. 

Must Ride:

  1. Batchelor Heights
  2. Greenstone Mountain
  3. Inks Lake
  4. Oregon Jack

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