Arts + Culture

Good for the soul, a feast for the senses.


The Kamloops arts and culture scene is positively bursting at the seams with local artists. From large scale productions to grassroots  performances, there is always a provocative, electrifying and entertaining experience awaiting you. Be one with the audience, witness a story unfold. Allow your perspectives to shift, your mind to change, your mood to lift. On any day of the week, your life could be altered by art, culture and history in its abundant and expressive forms.



Every adventure necessitates a solid soundtrack to set the tone. We're not talking about what's playing in your headphones or on the radio of the rental car, we're talking about live music. Live theatre. Live performances. There's nothing better. There's nothing else like it. 



When it comes to juicy historical details and tidbits, Kamloops has some doozies. If you're seeking stories about infamous train robbers, cowboys, fur traders, pioneers, First Nations or gold miners, look no further. 


Something for Everyone