Kamloops is great for families and has several playgrounds and parks to keep the kids entertained.




Allan Powers Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

330 Centre Ave


Riverside Park, Beach + Waterpark

Amenities: Basketball, Beach, Lawn Bowling, Pickleball, Picnic, Playground, Restroom, Tennis, Waterpark

100 Lorne St

Mcintosh Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

502 Battle St W

Prince Charles Park + Wading Pool

Amenities: Basketball, Picnic, Playground, Restroom, Wading pool

1145 Nicola St


Connaught Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

225 Connaught Rd.


Dominion Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

1351 Dominion Cres


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Belmont Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

709 Cumberland Ave


Brocklehurst Park

Amenities: Arena, Hockey, Picnic, Playground, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Dogs Allowed (on Leash)

2470 Fleetwood Ave


Cambridge Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

637 Cambridge Cres


Westmount Park

Amenities: Picnic, Playground, Dogs Allowed (on leash)

540 Collingwood Dr


Moose Park

Amenities: Tot Lot, Basketball

385 Schubert Dr


Southview Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

1564 Southview Terr


Sherbrooke Park

Amenities: Playground

1026 Sherbrooke Ave

Mcarthur Island Park 

Amenities: Arena, Curling, Golf, Hardball, Hockey, Lawn Bowling, Longblade, Picnic, Playground, Restroom, Skateboard, Soccer, Stadium

1525 -1580 Island Pky


Edgemount Park 

Amenities: Tot Lot

2235 Edgemount Ave


Hook Park 

Amenities: Tot Lot

1545 Collingwood Dr


Invermere Park 

Amenities: Tot Lot, Basketball

845 Invermere Crt


Kinsmen North Park 

Amenities: Tot Lot

605 Comox Ave


Kinsmen South Park 

Amenities: Tot Lot

975 Pleasant St


Spartan Park 

Amenities: Tot Lot

1610 Spartan Pl

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Valleyview, dallas + barnhartvale


Bogetti Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

5308 Bogetti Pl


Thompson Park

Amenities: Basketball, Lacrose, Outdoor Rink, Picnic, Playground, Skating

6500 Beaver Cres


Valleyview Centennial Park

Amenities: Lacrose, Outdoor Rink, Picnic, Playground, Restroom, Skating, Soccer

2288 Park Dr

Campbell Creek Park

Amenities: Tot Lot, Picnic, Playground, Dogs Allowed (on leash)

8701 Dallas Dr


Todd Hill Park 

Amenities: Basketball, Picnic, Playground, Restroom, Soccer, Tennis, Dogs Allowed (on leash)

1550 Todd Rd



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Albert McGowan Park + Waterpark

Amenities: Picnic, Playground, Restroom, Slopitch, Soccer, Waterpark 

2025 Summit Dr


Aberdeen Hills Park

Amenities: Picnic, Playground, Dogs Allowed (on leash)

1245 Howe Rd


Glen Nevis Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

818 Gleneagles Dr

Juniper Park 

Amenities: Hiking, Lacrosse, Outdoor Rink, Picnic, Playground, Restroom, Skating, Soccer, Tennis

2150 Qu'appelle Blvd


Pineview Valley Park

Amenities: Lacrosse, Outdoor Rink, Picnic, Playground, Skating, Dogs Allowed

1925 Hugh Allan Dr


Sifton Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

2046 Sifton Ave

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Westsyde Centennial Park + Petting Zoo

Amenities: Horse Riding, Lacrose, Outdoor Rink, Picnic, Playground, Restroom, Skating, Slopitch, Soccer, Tennis, Waterpark

705 Franklin Rd


Saddleback Park

Amenities: Playground

2110 Grasslands Blvd

Rainbow Park

Amenities: Tot Lot, Soccer

670 Mccurrach Pl


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Rayleigh Elementary School

Amenities: Playgrounds, Soccer, Slowpitch, Picnic

Puett Ranch Rd


Rayleigh Pump Track

Amenities: Kids Bike Pump Track, Slowpitch, Picnic

Rae-mor Park 


Cammeray Park

Amenities: Tot Lot

4705 Cammeray Dr


Len Haughton Park

Amenities: Lacrose, Outdoor Rink, Playground, Restroom, Skating, Slopitch, Dogs Allowed (on leash)

595 Lister Rd


Tournament Capital Ranch

Amenities: Picnic, Playground, Restroom, Rugby, Slopitch, Dogs Allowed (on leash)

5355 Yellowhead Hwy