Skateboard Parks

Come to Kamloops and get a ride in at the World's first Longboard Park. That's right, the only one as far as we know, and it's in Kamloops! Freeriders rejoice this park is awesome! That's not all we have, want to ollie a jump or show off your sweet tricks? Try one of the custom-built skateboard parks in town.



Kamloops Longboard Park

Two windy tracks the snakes down a former golf course hill. The paths are paved and set on a former golf course hill.  Test your skills on the intermediate or advanced path and race your friends to the bottom.

2350 Pacific Way



McArthur Island Skate Park

Try this advanced skatepark in the heart of The Shore. Located at McArthur Park, this park has all the bells and whistles. Featuring a large bowl, ramps, textured ramp, rails and a half and a full set of stairs.

1675 Island Pkwy



Exhibition Skate Park

This park is located along the River Trail. This smaller skate park has ramps, and rails.

1055 River St



Rae-mor Park Skate Park

New to Kamloops, this park was built in 2018. It features half pipes, rails and ramps. Rae-more park also has a pump track for bikes.

Rae-mor Park, Rayleigh


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