Road Trips

Kamloops has four highways that intersect within the city, creating ample opportunity to hit the open road.
Embark on a road trip from Kamloops and explore the regional area in a day to Wells Gray, Merritt, or the Shuswap.


3 Spots to View Hoodoos in Kamloops

Kamloops is home to unique, geographical landscapes including sagebrush, grasslands, and hoodoos. Hike to see hoodoos formed by volcanic rock or go for a scenic drive to view silt bluffs from a glacial lake. Here are 3 spots where you can see the ancient formations around Kamloops.

• East Shuswap Road
• Cinnamon Ridge
• Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park



Taste of Kamloops: A Laidback Loop of Food, Wine, and Art

Enjoy a laidback trip in and around Kamloops that takes you on a journey through food, wine, art, and stunning views of the river and hoodoos along the way.

• Local food
• Back Alley Art Gallery
• Wineries
• Hoodoo & River Views



8 Scenic Stops on a Merritt Road Trip

With Kamloops as your home base, embark on a 296 kilometre loop for a road trip through Cache Creek, Ashcroft, and Merritt. Make a day of it with stops for handmade bannock, craft beer or cider to take home, and scenic views along the Highway 5A.

• Lake viewpoints
• Jade shop and glass mosaics
• Cider and craft beer



4 Reasons to Road Trip to Wells Gray

Wells Gray Provincial Park, also known as Canada's Waterfall Park, is a 1.5-hour drive north of Kamloops in the town of Clearwater. Here are four reasons to hop in the car and enjoy a day trip exploring Wells Gray.

• Waterfall Gazing
• Whitewater Rafting
• Bear Watching
• Horseback Riding



7 Quirky Stops on a Shuswap Loop

Take a day trip from Kamloops through the Shuswap and you’ll brake not only for local farm stands and eateries but also fun oddities like a motorcycle museum and a donkey refuge.

• Wineries
• Donkey Refuge
• Farms and Markets
• Motorcycle Museum



How to Prepare for Winter Driving

Make sure you take the necessary steps to keep yourself and others safe on the road as you head out to explore BC and Kamloops this winter. Here's what you need to know before you go from Destination BC and Shift into Winter.

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