Road Trips

All roads lead to Kamloops... literally. At the junction of five major highways,
Kamloops is easy to get to and the perfect starting place for uncharted adventures. Let curiosity be your compass.

3 Spots to View Hoodoos in Kamloops

Kamloops is home to unique geographical landscapes including sagebrush, grasslands, and hoodoos. Hike to see hoodoos formed by volcanic rock or go for a scenic drive to view silt bluffs from a glacial lake. 

• East Shuswap Road
• Cinnamon Ridge
• Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park

A Laidback Loop of Food, Wine, and Art

Enjoy a laidback trip in and around Kamloops that takes you on a journey through food, wine, art, and stunning views of the river & hoodoos along the way.

• Local food
• Back Alley Art Gallery
• Wineries
• Hoodoo & River Views

4 Reasons to Road Trip to Wells Gray

Wells Gray Provincial Park, also known as Canada's Waterfall Park, is a 1.5-hour drive north of Kamloops in the town of Clearwater. Here are four reasons to hop in the car and enjoy a day trip.

• Waterfall Gazing
• Whitewater Rafting
• Bear Watching
• Horseback Riding

Journey from Waterfalls to Wineries

From waterfalls to wineries and everything in between, the Thompson Valley is ripe for a memorable summer road trip.

• Wineries
• 41+ Waterfalls
• BC's 4th largest Provincial Park
• Free Ferry Ride

7 Quirky Stops on a Shuswap Loop

Take a day trip from Kamloops through the Shuswap and you’ll brake not only for local farm stands and eateries but also fun oddities like a motorcycle museum and a donkey refuge.

• Wineries
• Donkey Refuge
• Farms and Markets
• Motorcycle Museum

EV Road Tripping BC's Land of Hidden Waters

BC’s best-kept freshwater secrets are now more accessible than ever for EV (electric vehicle) owners. In the Land of Hidden Waters, lakeside cabins, lodges, and adventures on the water are just five hours or less from Vancouver.

• Wineries
• Waterfalls
• Local Cuisine
• Charging Stations

Wellness, Wildlife & Wine Road Trip

From Kamloops, enjoy a half-day loop through the Shuswap region. Take breaks to sample from local farm stands and eateries and experience something unique.

• Wine & Cider
• Llama Sanctuary
• Farms and Markets

Gold Rush Towns, Fishing and Forests Road Trip

Follow the South Thompson River, along the infamous “fishing highway”, Highway 24, then finish trailing the North Thompson River. The entire region relies on these historic waterways.

• Historic Hat Creek Ranch
• Clinton Emporium
• Bridge Lake Ice Caves Trail
• McLure Ferry

Copper & Cowboys Road Trip

From Kamloops, the 290km drive winds along Highway 5A (“the Old Merritt Highway”, as locals call it) and takes around four hours. Here are eight places to visit along the Copper & Cowboys Loop.

• Kekuli Cafe Indigenous Cusine
• Historic Hat Creek Ranch
• Cariboo Jade & Gift Shoppe
• Logan Lake Mining Truck



How to Prepare for Winter Driving

Make sure you take the necessary steps to keep yourself and others safe on the road as you head out to explore BC and Kamloops this winter. Here's what you need to know before you go from Destination BC and Shift into Winter.



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