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Hike through Kamloops' desert-like valley setting surrounded by wide-open grasslands, fragrant sagebrush, ponderosa pine forests, deep gorges, sandstone canyons, and chiseled hoodoos. From meandering strolls through grasslands to hiking rugged, steep valleys, there are trails for every level of adventurer. 


Kenna Cartwright Nature Park

Distance: Varies per trail
Time: 30 min to 2+ hrs, dependant on trail
Difficulty: Easy to Hard

A perfect after work hike that is quick and accessible that offers views of the Tthompson Valley

Kenna Cartwright Nature Park is the largest accessible municipal park in BC, encompassing almost 800 hectares of land. The park offers over 40kms of trails of varying difficulties that are used by walkers, dogs, hikers, mountain bikers, and families. The park offers many stunning panoramic views of Kamloops throughout the park as well as a number of picnic areas for families. Kenna is a great park for any time of the year, for any level of hiker, and is off-leash dog friendly.

Peterson Creek Nature Park

Distance: Varies per trail
Time: 20 mins - 1 hrs +
Difficulty: Easiest - Medium

Accessible trail: 1.1 kms. Flat, gravel and accessible for all that offers some magnificent views of Kamloops.

Peterson Creek Nature Park is another great city park. It encompasses almost 100 hectares and features over 30 kms of trails. These trails vary in difficulty and many offer spectacular city views! There is a picnic area at the downtown entrance to the park if families wish to take a break or have a nice lunch. These trails tend to be less used in the winter months as they can become very icy. This park is used by hikers, dog walkers, and mountain bikers. Most trails are either climbing up or down the ravine, so be sure any of your hiking buddies are up to the task. The park is off-leash dog friendly, just please remember to pick up after your dog.

Battle Bluff

Distance: 4.8 km Double track to begin then steep, rocky, single track the rest.
Time: 1.5 hrs
Difficulty: Medium

Battle Bluff is a longer trail through some pine trees and grasslands with a steeper rocky section closer to the top. Be rewarded with panoramic views of Kamloops Lake and Thompson River Valley and maybe an amazing sunset.


Dew Drop Trail

Distance: 12km Single track trail, packed dirt
Time: 3+ hrs
Difficulty: Hard

Some sections of loose rock on steep slopes. The views on this hiked are some of the best in the area. Roughly 600m to the top of the dewdrop ridge, the panoramic views of the Kamloops lake and the Thompson Valley are magnificent.


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Batchelor Nature Park

Amenities: Playground, Dogs Allowed Under Control

1750 Batchelor Dr


Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park

Amenities: Bike Park, Hiking, Dogs Allowed Under Control

1210 Eliza Rd


Sahali Terrace Nature Park

Amenities: Bike Park, Hiking, Dogs Allowed Under Control

980 3Rd Ave

Valleyview Nature Park

Amenities: Bike Park, Hiking, RC Track, Dogs Allowed Under Control

220 Valleyview Pl


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