Mountain Biking

    Mountain biking in Kamloops' rugged landscape, formed from ancient lava flows and volcanic debris is paradise. The desert-like climate creates the perfect conditions for four season riding. Choose from vast grasslands, rolling sagebrush hills, and pine forests. Be sure to hit the jumps at the Kamloops Bike Ranch, Canada’s largest municipal bike park.




    Pineview Valley

    The all-mountain destination of choice in Kamloops is located in the Aberdeen area up behind Costco. Find yourself riding through pine trees on 32 trails that vary from easy to difficult and encompass cross-country climbs with awesome descents. Note: Trails on the East side are open year round, West side trails stay closed until July 1.

    Pineview trails are amongst cattle and mining areas, please respect animals, signage, and gates in the area.

    Popular Trails: Spin Cycle and More Whiskey

    Lac du Bois Protected Grasslands

    Upon entrance to the Lac du Bois Provincial Park through Batchelor Heights, this cross-country trail network is perfect for individuals who are new to mountain biking as well as intermediate riders. With a total of 20km, take a ride through sage scented grasslands.

    Popular Trails: Bighorn and Tower Classic


    Kamloops Bike Ranch

    The 26 hectare Kamloops Bike Ranch is the largest municipal bike park in Canada. Home to trails suitable for all riders: downhill, race courses, cross-country climbs, and dirt jumps, “The Ranch” is a progressive and iconic part of Kamloops’ mountain bike scene. Take a shuttle ride with Mostly Mental Shuttles for $3 per person 7 days a week.

    Popular Trails: Rattlesnake and Tumbleweed

    Harper Mountain

    This trail network can be found just below the Harper Mountain Ski Resort and is a true all-mountain and downhill playground. Intermediate to advanced riders can choose from 7 different trails (8 if you include the road climb).

    Popular Trails: Ket-R-Done and Easy Rider.

    Kenna Cartwright Park

    Located south just off of Exit 366, explore over 40km of cross-country trails with a wide array of diverse single track. From easy to difficult to black diamond, this trail system offers the perfect playground for all mountain bikers alike.

    Popular Trails: Upper Doug Daws and Big Pine


    Sun Peaks Resort

    The Sun Peaks Bike Park offers up 2,000 feet of lift-access vertical, extended to nearly 2,500 feet with a cross country trail into the alpine of Tod Mountain. We have 40 distinct trails ranging from flowing machine-made to fully pinned DH. Mountain biking has deep roots at Sun Peaks over the past 19 years. Our trails are nothing short of legendary and our DH race history continues to evolve, speaking volumes about the caliber of riding.​




    Mountain Bike Shuttle Service

    Mostly Mental Shuttles is a local service providing transportation to most biking areas in Kamloops.

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