Mountain Biking


Kamloops Trails

The rugged Kamloops landcape, formed from ancient lava flows and volcanic debris is a mountain biker's paradise. The semi- arid climate creates the perfect landscape for the three season riding. Visitors are spoiled for choices with the vast, open sage scented hills, lush, green forests, windy hills and dusty trails. 

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Pineview Valley

The all mountain destination of choice in Kamloops. Enjoy fantastic trails, great cross country climbs and awesome decents. Fun for all enthusiasts.


Lac du Bois Grasslands

A cross country trail network for new to intermediate riders. Enjoy fast flowing trails through the sagebrush.


Kamloops Bike Ranch

A 26 hectare municipal park that was one of the first of its kind in Canada, and continues to set the mark today as a very progressive riding scene. Downhill trails, race courses, XC climbs, dirt jumps and large natural steeps and drops.


Harper Mountain

An all mountain/freeride/downhill playground of woodwork and stunts. Pedal or shuttle up.


Kenna Cartwright Park

Enjoy cross country riding through pine trees and sagebrush. The trails are draped over and around a hilltop with commanding views of the city.