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Illuminate Kamloops


About the Illuminate Kamloops project

Tourism Kamloops is proud to showcase Illuminate Kamloops, multi-location activations or exhibits of illumination and art throughout the city. The project has been developed through partnerships with the City of Kamloops, local businesses, and Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program funding through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. The activations are unique in each location, and encourage visitors and locals alike to explore each spot, and scan a QR code to learn more about what they can do in each area and where other Illuminate Kamloops spots are located.

The purpose behind these activations is to elevate the City of Kamloops into a more dynamic and thriving hub. This transformative effort involves the strategic implementation of illumination initiatives designed to augment the city's current assets, increase safety, and enrich placemaking opportunities. Through these carefully crafted exhibits, we aspire to cultivate a community that is not only safer but also pulsating with vibrancy, where residents and visitors alike can experience an elevated quality of life and a sense of belonging.


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