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BC Wildlife Park


The addition of the BC Wildlife Park’s Helix Structure to Kamloops' attractions promises to elevate the city's appeal and draw in more visitors. Nestled within the natural beauty of the region, this renowned park not only showcases the diverse wildlife of British Columbia but also offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature. By enhancing the park with new features and experiences, it is poised to become an even more compelling destination. In welcoming more visitors to Kamloops, the BC Wildlife Park not only enriches the local tourism landscape but also contributes to the city's economic growth and cultural vibrancy.

On this spot in history

The land that now hosts the BC Wildlife Park has a rich history dating back to the 1950s when it was part of a thriving hop farm owned by Sick's Brewery, later acquired by Molson's Brewery. This farm included residences for workers and processing buildings for hops. Negotiations with Molson's led to the transfer of land for the Wildlife Park, symbolizing Kamloops' commitment to conservation and education. Today, the Park stands as a testament to both the region's agricultural heritage and its dedication to wildlife preservation.

Nearby Attractions

  • Erin Valley Riding Stables: Tucked away in the scenic hills of Barnhartvale, Erin Valley Riding Stables invites you to embark on an extraordinary adventure. With wrangler-guided trail rides on some of the most captivating riding trails in BC, this experience is designed for both beginners and seasoned riders alike, guaranteeing lasting memories that will resonate for years to come. Located a 15-minute drive from the BC Wildlife Park.
  • Monte Creek Winery: As Kamloops’ largest winery, Monte Creek Winery features seasonal al fresco patio dining, wine-inspired shopping, award-winning wines, and stunning river valley views. A 12-minute drive from the BC Wildlife Park.
  • Sagewood Winery: This family owned and operated boutique vineyard offers award-winning wines and wine tastings. Enjoy their relaxed charm while tasting the Kamloops terroir. Located a 6-minute drive from the BC Wildlife Park.

Nearby Food & Beverage

  • Blue Heron Café: The Blue Heron Café is located inside the Discovery Centre at the BC Wildlife Park and offers casual, quick bites so you can spend more time enjoying the Park. From burgers to salads, and sweet treats, there’s something for everyone including vegetarian, vegan, and child friendly options. Within the BC Wildlife Park
  • Tumbleweeds Neighbourhood Pub: Known for their commitment to exceptional customer service and mouthwatering dishes crafted from quality ingredients. A 8-minute drive from the BC Wildlife Park
  • The Pond Country Market: The Pond is a unique local Restaurant, Gift Shop and Garden Centre they bring together a friendly knowledgeable team and diverse selection of food, giftware and plants. 11-minute drive from the BC Wildlife Park
  • Twin Rivers Pizza: A hole-in-the-wall popular pizza place in Kamloops known for excellent flavour and plenty of toppings. 4-minute drive from the BC Wildlife Park

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