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Big Little Science Centre


The tube light installations at the Big Little Science Centre, situated in Downtown Kamloops, serves as a captivating addition to the city's urban landscape. This innovative display not only enhances the centre's allure but also contributes to the vibrancy and safety of the downtown area. As the tubes illuminate the night sky, they create a mesmerizing spectacle, drawing in visitors and residents alike to experience the intersection of art, science, and community. In adorning the Big Little Science Centre with these lights, Kamloops showcases its dedication to creativity and cultural enrichment, further solidifying its status as a dynamic destination for all.

About the Big Little Science Centre:

Established in 2000 by retired science teacher Gordon R. Gore, the Big Little Science Centre (BLSC) in Downtown Kamloops offers hands-on experimentation and educational demonstrations. With interactive exhibits and engaging activities, BLSC aims to inspire a passion for science among children, families, and educators, nurturing a lifelong appreciation for scientific inquiry and understanding. Positioned as a respected institution, BLSC seeks to make science accessible and enjoyable for all members of the community and beyond.

Food and beverage

  • Amplified Café: Enjoy a fresh brewed coffee, breakfast wraps and sweet delights at this downtown favourite.  2-minute walk from BLSC
  • Hello Toast: An eclectic, all-day breakfast, and brunch spot downtown. Food is made from scratch, offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.  4-mintue walk from BLSC
  • Brynn’s Bakery: For the past two years, Brynn's Bakery has been delighting the residents of Kamloops with its delectable creations. 4-minute walk from the Big Little Science Centre
  • Frick & Frack Tap House: An inviting tap house in Kamloops with laid back ambience and cozy sittings. They welcome groups and families for craft brews and satisfying meals. 4-minute walk from the Big Little Science Centre


  • Kamloops Art Gallery: Since 1978, the Kamloops Art Gallery (KAG) has been a cultural cornerstone for residents and visitors, showcasing acclaimed exhibitions and educational programs. Housed in a purpose-built civic building since 1998, the KAG boasts a diverse collection of over 3,100 works and maintains a reputation as a Category “A” institution under the Cultural Property Export and Import Act, drawing annual attendance of 30,000 to 35,000.  2-minute walk from BLSC
  • The Paramount Theatre: Since its inauguration in 1955 with Theatre 1, the Paramount Theatre has been a beloved fixture in Downtown Kamloops. Its expansion in 1979 to include Theatre 2 has only added to its charm, offering a delightful mix of both contemporary releases and timeless classics, making it a cherished destination for film enthusiasts of all ages, with screenings scheduled throughout the week.  2-minute walk from BLSC
  • Illuminate Kamloops Electric Alley: The Electric Alley installation aligns with the city's alley activation initiative to revitalize overlooked spaces. By infusing the alley with light, it creates a welcoming and safe environment for locals and visitors alike, encouraging exploration and community engagement. This transformation not only enhances the urban landscape but also symbolizes the community’s commitment to progress and inclusivity. 4-minute walk from BLSC


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