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Keep it Loopy


The Keep it Loopy sign stands tall as a beacon of revitalization in the vibrant North Shore neighborhood. Its installation not only injects new life into the area but also pays homage to both the quirky, artsy culture and the blue-collar charm on the North Shore. As the sign illuminates the skyline, it symbolizes the community's resilience and creativity, inviting both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the neighborhood's unique atmosphere. In revitalizing the North Shore, the Keep it Loopy sign embodies the spirit of innovation and inclusivity, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among residents and visitors alike.

This spot in history:

The site of the Keep it Loopy sign in North Kamloops holds a storied past, tracing back to the early days of European settlement in the region. Once occupied by the Hudson's Bay Company, which relocated its fort to the west side of the North Thompson River in 1842, this area played a pivotal role in the area's early development. In 1903, Canadian Real Properties established the groundwork for agricultural endeavors, later incorporating in 1907 as B.C. Fruitlands. This initiative transformed the landscape into a sprawling agricultural tract, laying the groundwork for the formation of a small village in the southeast corner. As time progressed, North Kamloops flourished into a vibrant community, defined by its industrious spirit and close-knit neighbourhoods.


  • Yew Park Tot Lot: Located at 514 Mackenzie Avenue, Yew Park is small but a great place to relax from the bustle of the Tranquille market area. A 1-minute walk from the Spirit Square.
  • McDonald Park: Dog-friendly (on leash) park that features a small bandshell and hosts free ‘Music in the Park’ evening performances throughout the summer. The park also features an open field for sports, pickleball courts, a seasonal water spray park for kids, a playground, washrooms, and a freshwater fountain. A 4-minute walk from the Spirit Square.
  • The Effie Arts Collective: An event venue hosting concerts from a wide range of artists, as well as comedy open mic nights every Wednesday night. A 3-minute walk from the Spirit Square.

Food and beverage:

  • Yew Street Food Hall: A collaborative food venue that offers over ten different food and drink vendors, bringing together unique, locally-owned restaurants serving everything from pizza and gelato to baked goods and burgers. A 1-minute walk from the Spirit Square.
  • Red Beard Café: Part pub, part café, and part restaurant, Red Beard offers brunch, lunch, and dinner options made from scratch, as well as crafter cocktails, beers, ciders, and coffee. A 2-minute walk from the Spirit Square.
  • Jamaican Kitchen: Located at 541 Tranquille Road, this local family-owned and operated restaurant serves authentic Jamaican dishes with a diverse menu that caters to everyone. A 1-minute walk from the Spirit Square.
  • Hatsuki Sushi: Japanese restaurant that offers a variety of sushi rolls full of flavour, with a delicious all-you-can-eat option. A 3-minute walk from the Spirit Square.
  • Logjam Coffee: Coffee bar and speciality coffee roaster located at 437 Tranquille Road. A 2-minute walk from the Spirit Square.

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