Ice Fishing

Some of the best lakes for ice fishing in BC are right here in our backyard. The Kamloops area is known for some of the best freshwater fishing in the world and lakes are stocked by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC. 


Fishing in Kamloops

When fishing in Kamloops you would expect to catch mostly Rainbow Trout, Eastern Brook Trout, Kokanee, Bull Trout, and even burbot. Many of the lakes are stocked with trout, including the Kamloops trout, that attracts anglers from around the world. There are more than 100 lakes within a one-hour drive of Kamloops. With so much fresh water around Kamloops, you would have to be curious about the fishing.

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Monte Lake

This lake is surrounded by Ponderosa Pine and rolling grasslands. It's well-stocked with approximately 25,000 Triploid Kokanee Salmon and 15,000 Blackwater Rainbow Trout annually. Monte Lake is a short 35-minute drive southeast of Kamloops on Hwy 97. The northwest end of the lake is popular for Kokanee and the for trout work along the edges of the lake in shallower water.


Edith Lake

Edith lake is a small gem nestled in the grassland hills just a 20-minute drive south of Kamloops on Hwy 5A. This lake is stocked with Fraser Valley and Pennask Rainbow Trout that swim in the deeper water. Eastern Brook Trout are also stocked and tend to feed in the shallows. This lake has a reputation to grow fish fast due to the abundance of insects.


Walloper lake

In January Walloper Lake is home to family ice fishing day hosted by the Kamloops and District Fish and Game Association and the Kamloops Fly Fishers Association. This lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout and it's where many people learn to ice fish for their first time. The lake is a 30-minute drive south of Kamloops on the Coquihalla Hwy.


Heffley Lake

This lake is tucked in the rolling, forested hills and features scenic bays. Bird watchers keep an eye out for Eagles, Osprey and Hawks and Falcons. Heffley Lake is a 30-minute drive northeast of Kamloops on the way to Sun Peaks Resort. For a guided ice fishing trip contact Campbell from Elevated Fishing Adventures.



Guided Ice Fishing

Elevated Fishing Adventures

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