Ice Skating

The winter months are the perfect time for ice skating with friends and family. Whether you're looking to skate indoors or go outdoors surrounded by snow-covered trees and views of the Kamloops landscape, there is an ice surface for you.

Skate rentals are now available
at the Valleyview Arena during public skate times for $3.


Outdoor Skating rinks

Community rinks are maintained by volunteers and are not always operational.

Ice Safety


According to Adventure Smart, ice should be at least 20-25 cm thick for group skating (that’s about 8 inches). Remember, the more people the more weight on the ice.   The recommendation for one snowmobile on ice is 12 cm (5 inches).

A few other tips for assessing ice safety:

  • Use a drill and tape measure to check the ice thickness
  • Don’t go on ice that has open water patches
  • Check the ice thickness in different places
  • Dark blue ice is safer than opaque white or grey ice
  • Consult with the local authority’s ice safety assessments





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