Kamloops is world renowned as the birthplace of freeriding and recognized for its diverse trails. Winter biking and fat biking is gaining popularity worldwide in locations that get blanketed in the snow each winter.


Kenna Cartwright Park

Conveniently located within city limits, Kenna Cartwright offers 40 km of accessible and natural trails, making it a top spot for winter biking.

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Isobel Lake Winter
Recreational Trails

Located 17 km northwest of Kamloops, Isobel Lake is home to over 30 km of single track, machine groomed trails… for free!

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Kamloops Trails Map

The rugged Kamloops landscape, formed from ancient lava flows and volcanic debris is a mountain biker's paradise. The semi-arid climate creates the perfect landscape for year-round riding. Visitors are spoiled for choices. Download our trail map or visit TrailForks to see why. 

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