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We are simple creatures. When we love something, we want to do it again. And this is absolutely true when it comes to winter activities in Kamloops.

It’s about doing laps at your favourite ski hill. Or return flights down a tubing run, or a second pass along a scenic trail.

And when you do need to warm up, you can keep on looping in The ‘Loops. Cozy eateries will gladly bring out budget-friendly second helpings or refills, and later in the evening, you can demand a melodic encore before tucking into a comfy bed, resting up and finding something new to do all over again.

That's what we mean by Welcome to The ‘Loops.



Break Routine and Get Into the 'Loops

Letting loose in The ‘Loops isn’t just about doing the same thing over and over and over again. Mix it up. Do something completely new. Then add some spice. A winter getaway should be like an activity buffet; trying a little bit of everything will light up your senses and ultimately send you back for seconds. Or thirds.


Kamloops Travel Deals

You don’t need promo code or loyalty card to save money in The ‘Loops. We’ve locked in the best travel deals and discounts available in Kamloops so that you can order another helping of comfort food or another round of craft beer. Or, share the fun and grab an extra ticket for a show or take one more lap of your new favourite trail.

These budget-friendly options can extend your stay and double your good times.



So good you'll want to do it again and again