Kamloops has long been famous for its world-class stillwater fly fishing. With over 100 quality lakes within an hour’s drive, the diversity has something to offer for everyone, from beginner anglers to experienced fishermen pursuing a true trophy rainbow trout. The area supports an abundant food source that gives fish the ability to become ultra-selective on what they will eat. Here are 5 springtime tips that anglers of all skill levels can use to land a few more fish this stillwater season.


Fishing Freshwater Shrimp Imitations

Fishing BlogFreshwater shrimp, or scuds, are a great go-to fly during the spring months. Often an overlooked fly pattern, scuds can yield some great results especially during morning and evening fishing or when insect hatches are not present. A very effective method for fishing scuds is to suspend them beneath a strike indicator along ledges and drop-offs. 


Use Strike Indicators to Your Advantage

Fishing BlogA strike indicator is essentially a small bobber that is used in unison with a floating fly line setup. The purpose of a strike indicator is to keep your fly suspended in the zone for longer periods of time without hanging up on bottom. When your strike indicator submerges under the surface of the water, make an abrupt lift upwards with your rod tip to set the hook in the fish’s mouth. Popular flies to fish under a strike indicator are chironomids, bloodworms, freshwater shrimp and micro-leeches.


Different Fly Lines, Different Applications

Fishing BlogHaving an assortment of fly lines will allow you to effectively cover many different fishing situations. Choose your fly line according to the depth of water you are fishing or the flies you are fishing. Chironomid fishing is typically done with a floating line, whereas other insects such as damselfly nymphs, dragonflies and leeches are often fished with a sinking line presentation. A good fleet of fly lines to have would be one or two floating lines as well as an intermediate sink and fast sinking fly line.


Working Lake Structure

Fishing BlogSeek out areas of the lake where fish have the ability to move from the safety of the deep water into the shallows to feed. Anchoring on the deep side of a ledge and casting towards the drop-off will set you up for a good chance at intercepting fish without spooking them as they move into shallow water.


Fishing with Leech Imitations

Fishing BlogLeeches are an excellent staple food source for trout in our Interior lakes. They are ever-present, and in early spring, fish will often seek them out in shallow water. Leeches are commonly found in shades of black, maroon, olive and brown. Two excellent ways to fish leeches are suspended near the lake bottom under a strike indicator, or stripped slowly on an intermediate sinking fly line.


The trout fishing we have in the Kamloops area is second to none, but don’t let catching fish be the only objective. Remember to appreciate the amazing wildlife and scenery that comes with the territory of spending time in the outdoors. For more information on guided fly fishing in the Kamloops area, visit www.interiorflyfishingco.com.


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