Travel around the world one bite at a time trying some of Kamloops’ newest restaurants, where you'll find authentic fare and a casual atmosphere for date night or family dinner.

Krob Krua Thai Restaurant

Husband and wife duo, Kamphon and Vipawan Muktier, opened Krob Krua (meaning ‘family’ in Thai) to bring an authentic taste of Thailand to Kamloops. Dishes are intended to replicate traditional Thai recipes but have been adjusted for a Canadian palate by avoiding strong-tasting fish sauce to make recipes vegan and vegetarian friendly. Try Pad Thai, a well-known noodle dish that is a bestseller at Krob Krua and one that the team took a long time to perfect.

Di Muzio Ristorante

Local hair stylist, Claudia Di Muzio Smith, followed her heart and her love of Italian cooking, to open Di Muzio Ristorante in 2019. Inspired by two generations of Italian cooks before her, Claudia focuses on using a combination of authentic Italian and local ingredients to create hearty portions of Italian fare such as handmade pasta and pesto. Seafood linguine and rich tiramisu are two of the most popular dishes, with guests also raving about the wonderful gnocchi and fresh carbonara. Recreate the restaurant experience at home with one of the freshly frozen meals available to take out.

Tongdak Korean Fried Chicken

Tongdak kicks Korean fried chicken up a notch with a focus on tasty take-out food that is carefully prepared with fresh ingredients to create crispy chicken and fries. Mouth-watering dishes put a twist on traditional Korean fried chicken with flavour options such as the extremely spicy “Angry” or the popular Yang-Nyeum sweet and spicy or Gan-Jang soy garlic options. In addition to downtown's original outlet, order Tongdak from your server at Red Collar Brewing and look out for a Sahali location coming soon.

Spezia House

Kamloops’ first (and so far, only) Pakistani restaurant Spezia House, is hidden away in downtown’s food court. Dishes are hearty and home-cooked, and everything is made fresh, even the spice mixes. Although red meat is a focus of Pakistani cooking, there are plenty of vegetarian dishes also available and all menu items are Halal. Melt in your mouth meat and simple warming flavour profiles feature in unique and traditional Pakistani dishes, including street food like Chicken Malai Boti Roll and Northern Indian (Mughlai) inspired dishes such as Chicken Biryani.

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