Hungry for adventure? Thirsty for knowledge of new cuisine? Good news - you don’t have to go far to get a bite of the exotic here in Kamloops! Try a tempting taste of the world at these four establishments where you can eat your way around the globe without travelling outside of the city.

Stay Sunny Side Up

Inspired by the lack of Caribbean cuisine in Kamloops, and fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Jamaican Kitchen’s owners Kamau and Denese Metsimela created Jam-Can Cafe nine years ago, changing the name in later years to reflect the focus of the food. Hailing from the Caribbean Islands of St. Kitts (Kamau) and Jamaica (Denese), the duo specializes in authentic Jamaican cuisine such as curried goat, oxtail, jerk pork, and jerk chicken, as well as fusion dishes that combine both Jamaican and Western flavours. Try the Jamaican Sunshine Benedict, which features smoked jerk pork and rum hollandaise on Johnny cakes (cornmeal flatbread), accompanied by sweet potatoes.

Dig into Mexican treasure

When Ana Rangel and her husband Rodrigo Chavarin moved from Mexico to Canada, they wanted to share the hidden culinary treasures of their homeland. At Hacienda Cielito Lindo, all of their food is lovingly made from scratch with authentic Mexican ingredients, and the couple infuse each dish with the ethos that mealtime is the most important time of the day and the belief that flavoursome food enriches good times with family and friends. Treat yourself to tacos such as Suadero, a traditional street food with fried beef, or tender pork and pineapple Pastor marinated in a savoury and aromatic dry pepper sauce and taste the love in every bite.

Indulge in Indian-infused cocktails

Say cheers to East Indian inspired cocktails at Maurya’s Rest Bar & Banquet where you’ll find a twist on traditional tipples like a Sunset Margarita with tequila, fresh-pressed grapefruit, and guava bellini slush. Try a tandoori dish such as fish marinated in homemade yogurt, herbs, and freshly ground masalas that is roasted in the traditional clay oven and served with melted butter and lemon. Inspired by the cuisine of Lucknow, his hometown in India, Chef Dilip Maurya creates dishes from this region to bring a taste of his homeland to Kamloops.

Feast on fusion food

Can’t decide between Japanese and Korean cuisine? Have both at Jacob Kwon’s fusion restaurant, Jacob’s Noodle & Cutlet, where you can fill up with udon noodle dishes or Korean style ramyun noodle soups. Eat like royalty and enjoy a King Cutlet (a large pork cutlet with special homemade sauce) or go extra and get a Rocky Mountain Cutlet (pork cutlet with double cheese on top).

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Be Prepared

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