With the arrival of spring, mountain bikers have anxiously waited and prepped their bikes for another rad riding season and it's finally here. Due to the semi-arid climate in Kamloops, the spring thaw begins earlier than in other areas in BC, creating ideal conditions for early spring riding. If you’re ready to get your shred on, here are the areas that tend to thaw out first.

Lac du Bois Grasslands

Being on the south-facing side of the Thompson River, Lac du Bois Grasslands (or Batch, as the locals call it) tends to thaw out before other areas in town. The early conditions create the perfect moisture and consistency for unreal traction on the climbs and descents. The 20km of cross-country trails will reward you with wide-open spaces, and views of Kamloops and the Thompson Valley. This area has gentle rolling hills and for your first few rides of the season is forgiving on the legs and lungs.


The Bike Ranch

The Ranch's” thaw-off process is finished and ready for bikers to enjoy the park. The diverse trails are incorporated with winding berms, flow, and intense jumps for easy to intermediate riders. Take the XC Climb up complete with fun switchbacks to reward yourself with a thrilling ride down. If you’re all about the descents, Mostly Mental Shuttles has your back. Take a shuttle ride to the top for $4 per ride or $20 for a punch card. Visit their Facebook page for shuttle times.


Assess Trail Conditions

We know you're excited to hit the trails, but please respect the sensitive grassland environment and help protect the integrity of our public trails. Trail use in soft and muddy conditions cause lasting damage and is strongly discouraged. If you do come across a muddy spot on a trail while riding, please get off and walk your bike around the section.

Keep a watchful eye, the next areas for spring riding include ​Kenna Cartwright ParkPineview Valley then Harper Mountain.