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Hiking in Kamloops

Hit the trails for a hike through Kamloops' desert-like valley where wide-open grasslands, fragrant sagebrush, ponderosa pine forests, deep gorges, sandstone canyons, and chiseled hoodoos frame every adventure. From laid-back paths to rugged terrain, there's a route here that's perfect for whatever challenge calls. Don't believe us? Call our bluff... we'll be waiting.


Where to Hike in Kamloops

Kenna Cartwright Nature Park

Covering almost 800 hectares of terrain, Kenna Cartwright Park is one of BC's largest municipal park with over over 40kms (25 miles) of trails that are enjoyed by hikers, mountain bikers, and families. The park offers breathtaking views of Kamloops and the Thompson Valley, as well as benches and picnic tables where you can catch your breath. Kenna is delightful any time of the year, and is off-leash dog-friendly.

Peterson Creek Nature Park

Peterson Creek Nature Park is situated in the heart of the city along a natural creek corridor. The park encompasses almost 100 hectares and features over 10 km of trails. Trails vary in difficulty, largely influenced by elevation change, and offers trails for every skill level. Peterson Creek is widely used during the summer months, is off -leash dog-friendly, and features a remarkable view of the downtown core.

Valleyview  Nature  Park

High above the silt bluffs of Valleyview, east of the city, explore the trails of the Valleyview Nature Park as they wind through the fragrant desert sagebrush. A variety of trails allow you to discover the hidden beauty that awaits you in this small uncrowded park. You might even catch a glimpse of mountain bikers tackling the Kamloops terrain in the Kamloops Bike Ranch next door.

Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park

The Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park connects the Barnhartvale and Dallas neighbourhoods through a series of trails through the fragrant grassland and ponderosa pine forests. Take in views along the South Thompson River as you admire the vineyards across the river, rolling landscapes and silt cliffs below.

Lac du Bois Protected Grasslands Area

The expansive park is home to a wide variety of hikes with sweeping views of the Thompson Valley. Trade in your usual 9 to 5 for panoramic views of Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River from trails such as Battle Bluff, Dewdrop, and Cinnamon Ridge to hike amongst the chiseled hoodoos. If you’re lucky, you may even spot the resident California Bighorn Sheep.

Sun Peaks Resort

From mid June – September, explore the 18 designated hiking trails at Sun Peaks Resort. Choose from easy, sightseeing strolls to an awe-inspiring summit and a break at Tod Lake. An exciting time to visit is during the alpine blossom season, which occurs between mid-July to mid-August, and witness rolling alpine meadows in their kaleidoscope of wildflower brilliance.

Kamloops Hiking Community & Trails

Explore individual hiking trails in Kamloops. Battle Bluff is a must-hike for any avid hiker.




Kamloops Wildlife

Wildlife is abundant in Kamloops. Know before you go what species to be on the lookout for or visit them at the Wildlife Park.


Discover facts, safety advice, and conflict reduction strategies for wildlife species in BC.


Learn 6 of the most common types of wildlife you might see around Kamloops.


The BC Wildlife Park is a non-profit wildlife park and rehabilitation centre for orphaned and injured wildlife. Meet and learn from local species like porcupine, wolves, bears, and more.




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