Tourism Kamloops Reporting Record Breaking June 2017

For Immediate Release 

September, 2017, Kamloops, British Columbia - Performance indicators have reported a record breaking June for tourism in Kamloops.  June 2017 is reporting a 26% increase over June 2016 – this increase represents the single highest MRDT reporting in Tourism Kamloops’ history.  Year to date indicators to the end of June have also accounted for a 2% increase over the same period in 2016.

Early 2017 forecasts predicted another strong year for tourism across the province; however, Kamloops was slow to pick up due to a lengthy winter and no major events in the city in comparison to the same period in 2016.

In early May, Tourism Kamloops launched the new “Boldly Unscripted” brand, and followed with the introduction of their 360 Kamera Krew campaign to capture the attention of specific drive markets in BC, Alberta and US Pacific Northwest.

“Although one month does not necessarily speak to a trend, the timing supports our launch initiatives and the work undertaken over the past year to invigorate visitor interest in our area.   Needless to say, we are very encouraged with the results.” explains Beverley DeSantis, Tourism Kamloops CEO.  “Visitors were ready to discover or re-discover Kamloops through a new lens.  Locals know and appreciate what we have in Kamloops and we just needed to tweak the messaging and focus on our unscripted experiences to create the desire to visit.”

The Kamera Krew campaign introduces notable Kamloops experiences in a fun and unpredictable manner.  The experiences are digitally captured and released over multiple social media channels.

“The Kamera Krew campaign has delivered a unique and creative perspective and a creative means to engage visitors and locals alike. Throughout the weeks that we welcomed thousands of wildfire evacuees, the Krew campaign allowed Kamloops’ warm and welcoming personality to shine,” adds DeSantis. 

Tourism Kamloops aligns closely with the efforts of our industry partners - the inspirational work of Destination BC’s Explore BC campaign, Canada’s 150th celebrations, as well as enhanced international efforts most definitely attributed to the month’s increase.  Statistics Canada indicated a 5.3% increase over the same month in 2016, resulting in 35,000 more visitors arriving in B.C. The total year-to-date international entries to B.C. are up 4.1%.

“While numbers are not yet available for July and August, it is reassuring to see June offer positive returns to a vital industry in Kamloops and across British Columbia,” concludes DeSantis.

Media Contact:
Beverley DeSantis, CEO
Tourism Kamloops
C: 250.517.9094