Category - Meet the Locals

Matt Macintosh, Curator at the Kamloops Museum and Archives (KMA), grew up in and around Toronto and has a background and primary training as a visual artist. Over the years, he’s worked on a number of projects exploring how we give (and withhold) cultural significance to objects. This led him naturally into roles curating art that connected to history; and then onto curating history specifically.
When local mountain biker, Jordan Proctor, isn't seen ripping down a trail, you can find him maintaining bike trails for the Kamloops Performance Cycling Centre (KPCC). Jordan shares his motivations on why he chose to move to Kamloops and how he’s involved with the mountain bike community and culture.
When local hiker, Tamra Jaeger, isn’t helping others as a nurse, she can be found capturing the sunrise from in and around Kamloops. Tamra gives insight into why she began hiking Kamloops’ trails and how her passion for photography ignited.