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Getting through the tail-end of a Canadian winter takes stamina, so thankfully we’ve got a long weekend in there to help us pull through! Whether there’s a fresh dump of snow or street sweepers on the move, we’ve got options to make the most of your stat. Here are our top ten things to do for Family Day 2024 in Kamloops: 
“There’s an amazing amount of stuff that goes on behind the scenes at a ski hill,” says Norm Daburger. His family has owned and operated Harper Mountain since 1973, which he now runs with his wife, Lisa. “We wear a lot of hats,” he says, and he doesn’t mean just toques. “We maintain a small staff, so we do a lot of things ourselves.”
Let's get the show on the road and pop into the Paramount Theatre to catch a flick on the big screen. The Kamloops Film Society (KFS) at the Paramount Theatre showcases diverse, high-quality films of the best in Independent, Canadian, and foreign cinemas. Grab dinner downtown and then catch a film every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - on weekends catch a Hollywood blockbuster or independent drama.
For James MacDonald, theatre isn’t just about entertainment—it’s about sharing stories that really resonate with people. “I always think of our goal as stimulating the water cooler conversation,” he says. “I want people to come to the theatre and then to continue to talk about it for days afterward.”
Matt Macintosh, Curator at the Kamloops Museum and Archives (KMA), grew up in and around Toronto and has a background and primary training as a visual artist. Over the years, he’s worked on a number of projects exploring how we give (and withhold) cultural significance to objects. This led him naturally into roles curating art that connected to history; and then onto curating history specifically.
It’s obvious to anyone watching the Kamloops Symphony that Dina Gilbert is a natural-born conductor. Her eyebrows rise and fall with expression, her gestures brim with passion and she leads her musicians with a genuine connection.
When local mountain biker, Jordan Proctor, isn't seen ripping down a trail, you can find him maintaining bike trails for the Kamloops Performance Cycling Centre (KPCC). Jordan shares his motivations on why he chose to move to Kamloops and how he’s involved with the mountain bike community and culture.
Kamloops has a burgeoning arts and culture scene. From a world-class symphony to a principal gallery in the Southern Interior of BC, there’s plenty to discover in Kamloops.
When local hiker, Tamra Jaeger, isn’t helping others as a nurse, she can be found capturing the sunrise from in and around Kamloops. Tamra gives insight into why she began hiking Kamloops’ trails and how her passion for photography ignited.
  Stand up paddle boarding on calm waters and listening to the sounds of nature creates a zen-like experience.

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